Miss Donna 

Although happily married, In His Steps  founder Donna Smith is 

affectionately known as ... "Miss Donna". Miss Donna is married to her 

pastor husband Louis, is the mother of a beautiful and talented daughter 

Jessica and is blessed with 3 precious grandchildren ... London, Kayla and Tristan 


 As a child, Donna participated in numerous dance classes, recitals, competitions and conventions. As an adult, she began to notice a huge change in dance that seemed to make girls feel insecure about their bodies and appearance.  After praying for direction and researching dance for over 10 years, she knew what God wanted her to do. Use dance as a positive influence to reach girls! 


Donna was led to provide a fun and safe place for girls to dance but not 

just to dance. To dance to modern Christian music relevant to the issues 

girls face and to learn wholesome dance techniques was the objective. The 

real purpose is to encourage girls to love themselves for who they are while glorifying God. Miss Donna believed by creating this positive environment of complete acceptance she could reach girls that had never even tried dance classes or had dropped out of dance because of how they were made to feel about themselves or how others viewed them. Maybe even reach girls that were still actively dancing but tired of the “dirtiness” that dance had become in today’s world. Not to mention the prohibitive cost to some families.

Miss Donna's Inspiring Message Will  Make Your Next Special Event More Special

Create an Enthusiastic Atmosphere of Hope & Encouragement at Your Event ..... 

Donna has a powerful story with a powerful message of hope! Her story includes her own personal and extremely challenging times through her teen years, right and wrong decisions she made as a young adult and the proof that God can use ANYONE to help impact people and change lives. 


Donna's journey from a young girl in a small town full of real insecurities to a woman sharing the love and hope in Jesus with hundreds of young girls every week is a message every young girl and parent should hear!  


Her passion is to help young girls avoid the pitfalls and traps they are faced with every day.  Donna's message is one of hope, how to maintain a positive self image and how God will still meet every need even in today’s world. Donna teaches her audiences how to walk "In His Steps" and enjoy the good life God wants for all His children!     


Donna shares her story  through booked speaking engagements, participation in girls events and speaking at various related church functions.  You may contact Donna at ihsdance.com for additional details or to check  availability.  

In His Steps is a non-profit 501( c ) 3 organization

Copyright 2012 In His Steps Dance LLC is a ministry of The Ripple Effect Inc

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